Good Eats: What Is White Chocolate?

What is white chocolate? Is it really chocolate? Our friends at Serious Eats tackle this perplexing question. They also have a pear, parmesan, and cashew salad, DIY distilling, and the truth about chickens in the city. These links and more below.

Sweet—Like White On Chocolate: White Chocolate, Explained - Professional chocolate critic Clay Gordon explains that white chocolate only contains cocoa butter and no cocoa powder, and then tells us where the white chocolate's flavor comes from.

The Bloody Truth About Raising City Chickens - There are a lot of people raising urban chickens these days, but they get squeamish when talk turns to slaughter. One urban chicken farmer says, however, that the slaughter is "the most satisfying part."

DIY Distilling Steps Into the Limelight - Ever made moonshine?

Dinner Tonight: Pear, Parmesan, and Cashew Salad - A very worthy use for our homegrown arugula.

Amazing Chewing Gum Art - Whoa.

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