Good Eats: Radicchio Risotto

Every week we round up our favorite posts from our friends at Serious Eats. This week we couldn't pass up this beautiful risotto! Plus, what's yujacha? What do you do with frozen tomatoes, and what's a princess cake?

Dinner Tonight: Radicchio Risotto - This is a great Meat/Un-Meat dish. For meat-eaters, the radicchio is mixed with pancetta for a "sweet, sticky, porky mess." But you can leave out the pork for a vegetarian-friendly dinner too, with a good balsamic vinegar to balance out the delicate bitterness of the vegetables.

Grocery Ninja: Yujacha, Korean Yuzu Tea - The Grocery Ninja leaves no aisle unexplored. This mission brings us yujacha, a tea made from golden yuzu syrup.

Dinner Tonight: Mahi Mahi with Cilantro Pesto - Simple and delicious: fish rubbed with spices and served with pesto.

Blogwatch: Princess Cake - A pale green cake with pink marzipan and a rose. The perfect birthday cake for a six-year-old princess.

What Do You Do with Frozen Tomatoes? - Shave them over pasta, apparently.

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