Good Eats: Popptags for Honest Wine Gifting

Does chlorine make American chicken taste funny? What does the inside of a blueberry really look like? Is it OK for vegans to eat honey? And what should I make for dessert tonight? Answers to these questions and more from our friends at Serious Eats; see our picks for the best of the blog this week below.

Admit Your Lack of Wine Knowledge with Popptags - We're loving these. Nothing like a little honesty to go along with a gift.

Blogwatch: Blueberry Insides - Getting way up close on a blueberry with a macro lens. Hey! It's less blue than we thought!

Tipsy Summer Peach Pudding: The Best Use of a Wine-Poached Peach - A British classic: tipsy summer pudding

Does Chlorine Make American Chicken Taste Funny? - The use of chlorine to treat poultry has been banned in Europe. Does it make a difference in American chicken?

The Great Vegan Honey Debate - Yes, honey is "bee barf." But does that mean that some vegans will still eat it?

Last Week's Good Eats: Good Eats: Bruschetta Dolce and Inflatable Toast Mattress

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