Good Eats: Oven-less Chocolate Cake

Good Eats: Oven-less Chocolate Cake

Faith Durand
Sep 11, 2008

Can you make a cake without an oven? Serious Eats columnist Amanda Clarke thinks you can, and she makes a restaurant-worthy dessert to prove it. More on how she did it, plus other reports from the world of Serious Eats below. Bacon peanut butter cupcakes, food in video games, and an old-fashioned gin plus more below.

An Oven-Less Dessert: Steamed Devil's Food Cake - This steamed chocolate cake needed just a little something more so Amanda devised a special treat to go along with it.

Bacon Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcake - They say themselves, "We can never get enough bacon."

Slideshow of Food in Video Games - The Serious Eaters point us to a great link from Gourmet.

Genever, An Old-School Gin That's Hot Again - "Richer, maltier, and with a greater depth of flavor than today's typical London Dry style of gin, genever was considered the style of gin for the better part of two centuries." Really? Sign us up.

Dinner Tonight: Black Bean and Roasted Corn Salsa - Black beans and corn - another good meal from Dinner Tonight.

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