Good Eats: Lemon Chicken with Rice

Every week we bring you our favorite cooking and good eating from our friends at Serious Eats. This week, a classic, nourishing comfort food meal, an old-fashioned Reuben, a new trend in pizzas, and tiny plus stomachs. Yes, stomachs.

Dinner Tonight: Lemon Chicken with Rice - A comforting dish of chicken with mild sauce and delicious rice.

Cooking with a Friend: Tortilla Soup, Carrot Cake - Jennifer Maiser has been writing about her CSA adventures and the challenges of cooking seasonally and locally. Here's a great menu from her latest cooking adventures.

Dinner Tonight: Reuben Sandwich - How to make a Reuben sandwich at home.

Coal-Fired Ovens Hot New Trend in Pizza World - They're mostly talking about pizzerias, but what about your own coal-fired, grilled pizzas?

Little Plush Stomachs - A reminder to love your tummy?

Previous Good Eats: Multigrain Spaghetti with Pistou Forestier

(Image: Blake Royer/Serious Eats)

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