Good Eats: How To Hack Mason Jars

Our friends at Serious Eats point out that the glass Mason jar is not only a classic, with veritable cred in the design department, but it also remains a fresh alternative to all the plastic we're supposed to be avoiding these days. They give several tips for getting the most out of your Mason jars (we use them for tumblers, just like they mention here). This, plus French gin, lemon layer cake, shrimp pasta and more from Serious Eats below.

In Gear: Hacking Mason Jars - Mason jars! Plus they mention the tip about screwing a jar onto your blender as an improvised spice grinder.

French Gin - Gin with a more floral taste reviewed here.

Dinner Tonight: Shrimp Pasta with Chili and Lemon - Easy and yummy!

Everyone Loves a Lemon Layer Cake - Indeed they do. Try this layer cake from Nathan Coulon.

Eating for Two: Julia Child's Cooked Egg Mayonnaise - Pregnant? No worries - you don't have to give up mayonnaise. See this cooked egg version...

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