Good Eats: Happy Birthday!

[Twice a week we're rounding up our favorite recipes and tips from our friends at Serious Eats and sharing them here. We also want to say Hi to the new readers who found us through Serious Eats and are stopping by for the first time... Welcome!]

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The Grocery Ninja (who leaves no aisle unexplored, no jar unopened, no produce untasted) gets a care package of sour plums - plums dried with salt and sugar. She says that pregnant women nearly live on these, eating the dozens of different varieties, some sweeter and some saltier. They can also be cooked in duck and plum sauce, steeped in hot water for plum tea, and used as a digestive.

More from Serious Eats below!

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Today Serious Eats is One! Today is Serious Eats' first birthday; stop by and wish them many happy returns of the day.

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Pork: It's the Meat of Kings Indeed, and Serious Eats celebrates their first birthday with a very fitting animated ode to that porky goodness.

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Serious Eats Gift Guide: Sweets From Caramel Almond Sticks to Frozen Custard to the ULTIMATE NOUGAT BAR (!!!) this gift guide has something for everyone.

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Drinkable Art - An art installation with an open invitation to drink the art. No clue as to what's inside, though...

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