Good Eats: Fondue With Puréed Beans Instead of Cheese

Here's something new! Our friends at Serious Eats want you to try lightening up for spring with fondue. The twist? Switch out a bunch of the cheese for puréed white beans. They say that the white beans help make the fondue "extra thick and silky without needing additional cheese. What about this? Has anyone tried fondue with beans?

More from Serious Eats below, including maple bacon lollipops and a wasabi fire alarm ...

Maple Bacon Lollipops!!! - Made with sustainable, organic, cured bacon and organic Vermont maple syrup, too...

Best Irish Cheese Farmhouses in County Cork - In honor of St. Patrick's, the best cheese in Ireland's County Cork.

Doughnut Muffins: Two Great Breakfast Foods in One - Carb heaven!

Wasabi Fire Alarm For the Deaf - This is just a short link and note at Serious Eats, but we found it really interesting.

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