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This week we saw lots of informative but grim food news: the oyster industry in Texas pulling itself back together, what delicious looking berries will actually kill you, a new film about the sad sorry state of our food supply, plus other reports from the world of Serious Eats below.
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Reviewed: 99-Cent Ikea Chocolate - Going cheap in light of the news that Hershey's is cheating you out of cocoa butter. They recommend Ikea's hazelnut bar.

Effects of Hurricane Ike on the Oyster Industry - The infrastructure is "in shambles" but the oysters themselves are okay.

Serious Cheese: Nothing Says Autumn Like Grilled Cheese and Apples - The Serious Eats cheese man pairs two old friends.

Do Not Want: Poison Berries and Other Inedibles - What not to eat.

New Food Documentary, Food Inc. - A new film on its way from the folks who did "An Inconvenient Truth": in other words, more on what not to eat.

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