Good Eats: Carrots in Marsala

In our weekly roundup of the best eating and cooking over at Serious Eats, we're continually drawn towards Gina DePalma's Snapshots from Italiy. This week she makes a recipe from Elizabeth David's classic Italian Food - Carrots in Marsala. DePalma says (and we agree) that it's easy to overlook carrots. But she points out that even the ubiquitous carrot has a season, and this is it. Sweet young carrots are a spring treat, and DePalma says that this recipe brings out that inherent sweetness.

More Serious Eats below, including what to do with leftover Easter candy, fig clafouti, and a face-off between grocery store and greenmarket eggs.

Dinner Tonight: Bucatini con Funghi - Blake looks for pasta without any dairy and finds this delicious dish of sautéed mushrooms tossed with pasta and brightened with lemon juice.

What to Do with Leftover Easter Candy - Do you have baskets of leftover Easter candy? You could freeze it for later, or cook with it now! Some ideas include Peeps S'mores or DIY Lucky Charms using Easter candy instead of faux marshmallows. What are you doing with your leftover candy?

Fig Clafouti: Straddling the Pancake/Pudding Divide - We love clafouti and this fig one looks good. (Also try our fig and plum flognarde - very similar to clafouti.)

Grocery Store Eggs Vs. Public Market Eggs - Is there a difference, and if so, what is it?

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