Good Eats: Carrot Buttermilk Tart

Our friends at Serious Eats have been cooking up some seriously good food lately. Take a look at this Carrot Buttermilk Tart, for instance. We would really like a slice! More good eating from Serious Eats below, including lemon-lime creamsicles, pasta from Babbo, and granola taste-testing. And, in a category all its own, a pork martini!

Dessert Inspiration from Milan: A Carrot-Buttermilk Tart - Sounds like our inclination to have this for breakfast is quite justifiable.

Lemon-Lime 'Creamsicles': An Adult Take on the Classic Frozen Pop - Creamy, cold, not too sweet, and definitely tangy. Yum!

Dinner Tonight: Babbo's Sun Gold Tomato Pasta - Easy pasta made with tomatoes from the garden.

Pork Martini: Four Ways - The quest for the "perfect pork martini."

14 Granola Brands Taste-Tested Head-to-Head - The Eats team sets out to find the ultimate granola and ends up pretty close to home.

Last Week's Serious Eats Roundup: Good Eats: Tomato and Mozzarella Salad

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