Good Eats: A Recipe for Pickled Ramps

From our friends over at Serious Eats, here's one more way to use (and preserve) those deliciously wild spring ramps. Check out their recipe for ramps pickled with coriander, fennel seed, mustard and more.

More from Serious Eats below, including a massive batch of bentos, a better bruschetta, and batavia arrack, rum's older cousin.

Out of the Blue: Batavia Arrack Comes Back - An early cousin to rum, batavia arrack is "accented with spice, citrus and black tea and softened with sugar." Sounds like it's worth looking for!

Grilling: Fajitas - It's time to grill, and these fajitas are bursting with beefy goodness!

Photo of the Day: Omakase Bento - Cia B is making masses of bentos every week for her coworkers!

Bigger, Better Bruschetta - How do you make bruschetta better? Make it bigger! (And add roasted cod.)

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