Good Eats: Chickpea Bruschetta

Every week we bring you our favorite home cooking and good food from our friends at Serious Eats. This week there's a fine lineup of recipes, including this lovely chickpea bruschetta, plus a zucchini galette and a sweet potato curry. There's also a pancake font and the scoop on Superman ice cream.

Dinner Tonight: Chickpea Bruschetta - A cool and satisfying summer meal, a riff on an appetizer from Babbo.

Pancake Font - Enjoy making alphabets from your pancakes? This font is for you.

Dinner Tonight: Zucchini Galette - Another egg dish, so nice for middle of the week meals. This one has a mysterious ingredient.

What Is Superman Ice Cream? - It's a Michigan thing, apparently.

Dinner Tonight: Sweet Potato, Eggplant, and Spinach Madras Curry - A delicious Indian dish, with even more complexity to its flavor after some time to cool.

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(Image: Blake Royer/Serious Eats)

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