Goes Well With Coffee: Coffee Cake

Goes Well With Coffee: Coffee Cake

Faith Durand
Jan 29, 2008

No - really! Well, we felt there's no harm in stating the obvious. Coffee cake - it goes well with coffee. But we couldn't decide on just one...

A coffee cake - again, just restating the basics - is not in fact a coffee-flavored cake. It's a moist, dense quick bread or cake baked in a shallow pan. A coffee cake often has other mix-ins, like cinnamon swirl or fruit, and it also usually has a streusel topping or sweet glaze. It's a weekend favorite and brunch basic. There's zillions of variations, although cinnamon turns up a lot.

Both of these seasonal coffee cakes from Williams-Sonoma's recipe archives look moist and yummy. The first is Spiced Apple Coffee Cake, and that glaze looks like it adds a nice touch.

The other one we're considering is this Cranberry-Sour Cream Coffee Cake with Streusel Topping, where the streusel adds a buttery crunch to the top bite.

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