(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Give me something—anything—available in a few hundred colors and I'm smitten, but that's even more the case with Glassybaby. These gorgeous glass votives hand-blown in Seattle from three layers of molten glass look opaque, but light a candle inside and they give off a soft, beautiful glow. I love the weight they give to the table—sturdy, grounding, gorgeous.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

As Glassybaby writes on their Tumblr page, "it takes four Seattle artists, three layers of molten glass and two thousand degrees to make one glassybaby." They're not just candle holders, either: every glassybaby can be used as a votive, drinking vessel or vase. So, they come in hundreds of colors and they're versatile? Even better.

The company also has a strong give-back philosophy, with 10% of the gross sale of each glassybaby going to a wide variety of charities and philanthropic institutions.

So pretty!

Buy One! Glassybaby, $44 each. Also available in bouquets and sets.

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