Glassybaby: Could These Be the Prettiest Glass Votives For the Table?

Give me something—anything—available in a few hundred colors and I'm smitten, but that's even more the case with Glassybaby. These gorgeous glass votives hand-blown in Seattle from three layers of molten glass look opaque, but light a candle inside and they give off a soft, beautiful glow. I love the weight they give to the table—sturdy, grounding, gorgeous.

As Glassybaby writes on their Tumblr page, "it takes four Seattle artists, three layers of molten glass and two thousand degrees to make one glassybaby." They're not just candle holders, either: every glassybaby can be used as a votive, drinking vessel or vase. So, they come in hundreds of colors and they're versatile? Even better.

The company also has a strong give-back philosophy, with 10% of the gross sale of each glassybaby going to a wide variety of charities and philanthropic institutions.

So pretty!

Buy One! Glassybaby, $44 each. Also available in bouquets and sets.

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