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It's Grilling Month, and we're already having fun playing with fire. But we admit that grilling is not our greatest area of expertise; we're fairly new to it. So we're very excited to introduce a new guest expert to the site: Diane Morgan.

Diane is the author of Grill Every Day, published by Chronicle Books. She is going to take your questions on grilling. To enter a question for Diane, leave it here in the comments, and we'll pick the most representative few.

Read on for links to the final questions and answers...

  1. How To Grill Fish?
  2. How To Clean My Grill?
  3. Grilling Questions for Diane Morgan: What's the Difference Between Leaving the Grill Open or Closed?
  4. Best Grilled Desserts?
  5. Grilling Month: What Won't You Grill?
  6. Can I Grill Indoors?