The Present I'm Getting My Favorite People This Holiday Season

The Present I'm Getting My Favorite People This Holiday Season

Sheela Prakash
Oct 25, 2017
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I am always on the hunt for clever gifts to give for the impending holiday season. Here's how it usually goes: Months before the holidays, I stumble across something that would be perfect for my sister or my best friend. I make a mental note. Then, suddenly it's the first week of December and I've completely forgotten what that great gift was — and I have zero other ideas.

This year, I wrote it down (and published this story just in case!). I found the ultimate French press and I plan to share the goodness with my closest friends and family members this year. Even if they already have a French press, it's not anything like this one — this one is sure to change anyone's home coffee routine for the better. (It starts at $100, however, so not everyone on my list is getting one. Just a few of my favorites!)

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Why The Espro French Press Is a Special Holiday Gift

The Espro French press is a looker, sure, however that's not why I am in love with it. I am not a routine coffee drinker myself, but my husband, family, and friends are, so I was recently on the hunt for something that could serve them all when they happened to be staying overnight or stopping by for brunch or a dinner party. I needed something smaller than a regular coffee maker, which didn't make sense for my personal habits. A large French press seemed like an obvious answer, but traditional ones have their limitations — you need to pour the coffee soon after it's finished brewing to prevent over-steeping and the press isn't usually insulated enough to keep leftover coffee warm anyway.

Buy: Espro P7 Stainless-Steel French Press, from $100 at Williams-Sonoma

This French press is different, however. It has a double micro-filter, which prevents the coffee from over-steeping once you've pressed the plunger down. It's also made with double-wall, vacuum-insulated stainless steel. Combine the two and you've got a French press that can linger at brunch or on the dessert table for hours.

It comes in two sizes, as well. The large (32-ounce) version is perfect for exactly the moments I am describing, but the smaller (18-ounce) press would be great for everyday use. With full disclosure, the large is definitely more expensive ($120!) than your average French press. And yes, this is too much to spend on every member of your family, but it's a great gift for the people you're closest to. (There are a couple of glass versions available that are more wallet-friendly, but they're not double insulated.)

Regardless which version you choose, it really does make a special, unique gift that will get a whole lot of use by its lucky recipient. With all the gatherings the holiday season brings, don't be surprised if it gets well-worn almost immediately.

Have you started thinking about holiday gifts yet?

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