Getaway Gear: Armetale Hot and Cold Tray

Getaway Gear: Armetale Hot and Cold Tray

Faith Durand
Aug 6, 2008

We've all heard of hot plates, right? For warming food until dinner is served, or keeping a pot of chili hot. Well, how about a cold plate?

This tray is part of a serveware set designed to keep foods either hot or cold at the table, indoors or out. It's made from Armetale, a patented aluminum alloy, which lets it be preheated in the oven or the grill to keep foods warm throughout a meal. It can also be put in the freezer to chill it down for serving cold foods - like mini-cups of ice cream.

We like that these are individually cast in Pennsylvania, at a family-owned foundry that's been around since 1892. But we also wonder why these are any better than any old aluminum pizza pan; we could freeze our old one and use it as a cold serving tray.

Regardless, it's inspiring, especially given Harold McGee's big piece on the power of COLD in today's Times! Bringing along a frozen tray would help when serving picnic food or hosting a dinner on the back porch.

Wilton Armetale Contour Hot & Cold Round Tray, 12", $34.99 at Williams-Sonoma

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(Image: Williams-Sonoma)

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