(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Have you ever found yourself in the middle of peeling some difficult vegetable, scraping away, nicking your fingers, and muttering, "There must be an easier way?" Well, here are ten tips for easier peeling. Garlic, ginger, and squash figure prominently, along with a few more unexpected vegetables. Take a look and tell us if you have better methods for any of these!
  1. Squash, first method - Here's one that just calls for a chef's knife.
  2. Squash, second method - But you can use a peeler, too.
  3. Garlic - Garlic is very easy, once you know how!
  4. Ginger - You don't need a knife or a peeler.
  5. Beets - Beets are easy once they are roasted.
  6. Hard-Boiled Eggs - A video with an easier way to peel eggs.
  7. Tomatoes - Peeled tomatoes! So elegant.
  8. Chestnuts - A winter and holiday treat!
  9. Peppers - Roasted, peeled peppers are delicious; here's how to make them.
  10. Lemons - Well, not peel, maybe, but grate.

How do you peel things?