Gallery: Fresh and Beautiful Soup Tureens

How do you serve your soup? Do you ladle it out into soup plates in the kitchen? Do you bring your big stockpot to the table? Or do you have an elegant soup tureen? Soup tureens always seemed very genteel and old-fashioned; they're the sort of thing you get at a wedding and never use. But we think that now in the heyday of soup parties, soup tureens are getting a fresh moment! Here are a few of our favorite soup tureens.

We think all of these tureens look fresh and appealing... but we do wonder why so many tureens are so expensive!

Ego's Soup Tureen and Ladle, $175 at A+R. Modern and sleek.

Alessi Soup Tureen, $157 at Fitzsu. Lovely! This is definitely not just a tureen; we could see this used for a lot of things.

Pewter Soup Tureen, $160 at Horchow. Eeek! We know. Such a classic piece, for such a price. Garage sale, anyone?

La Chamba pot/tureen, $89.95 at A.R.E Naturals. We love these black clay pots.

Pear Tureen, $24.99 at WS Home. So affordable!

Clay Soup Tureen, $40 at SERRV. Profits go to a good cause, too.

Great White Soup Tureen, $40 at Pottery Barn. A classic piece.

Echo Soup Tureen, $250 at Bloomingdales. Another whopper of a price, but so fancy!

Staccato Soup Tureen, $58 at Crate & Barrel. Another classy white piece.

Butterfly Polish Pottery Tureen, $125.95 at Polish Pottery Online. So bright and colorful!

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