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Cranberries! We can't get enough of them this time of year. Their bright tartness is a mood-lifter all winter too. Here are a dozen recipes that will show off fresh cranberries at Christmas and beyond.
  1. Cranberry Cake
  2. This can be topped with kirsch-spiked whipped cream, or baked with a topping of sugared pecans.
  3. Fresh Cranberry Scones
  4. A fresh twist on cranberry scones. This recipe calls for fresh chopped cranberries instead of dried.
  5. Baked Goat Milk Brie with Cranberry Sauce
  6. A good way to use up leftover cranberry sauce. Try it with Trader Joe's giant wheel of Brie.
  7. DIY Cranberry Sauce
  8. A basic recipe for homemade cranberry sauce.
  9. Cranberry Sauce with Port and Dried Figs
  10. A very different sort of cranberry sauce, suitable for serving all winter long -- great with pork.
  11. DIY Cranberry Jam
  12. If you keep cooking that sauce down you'll eventually get jam -- very good on almost anything! Try with goat cheese and crackers, too.
  13. Cranberry Hungarian Pastry
  14. You can also use that jam in these pretty, delicate pastry bars.
  15. Apple Cranberry Galette with Stonewall Kitchen Apple Caramel Butter
  16. An easy, lovely winter dessert from our Best Pie Bakeoff.
  17. Butternut Squash "Winter" Rolls with Spicy Cranberry Sauce
  18. A seasonal version of spring rolls, using cranberries in a savory role.
  19. Bittersweet Chocolate Cranberry Shortbread
  20. A buttery treat from our Bittersweet Baking Contest.
  21. Cranberry and Dark Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream
  22. A winter ice cream!
  23. Fresh Cranberry Relish
  24. One more relish for the winter table; this one doesn't need to be cooked at all.

Any more favorite cranberry recipes out there?

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