Functional Design: Where Do You Hang the Kitchen Towel?

Functional Design: Where Do You Hang the Kitchen Towel?

Faith Durand
Mar 23, 2009

Perhaps the most important non-cooking tool in the kitchen is the kitchen towel. Our kitchen towels see hard use: we lift hot pans with them, wipe up spills, wipe our hands, dust the table, and more. They're always in use. We keep ours tucked into the refrigerator door handle - not, perhaps, the best place for them, but convenient. Where do you hang your kitchen towels? Do you tuck one in the waistband of your apron as you cook?

Do you have any good tips or products for keeping a kitchen towel handy? Also, what do you use your kitchen towels for? Do you keep separate towels for hands and dishes, or do you just have a big rotating set of all-purpose towels?

The image above, by the way, is from a lovely kitchen in The Netherlands:

House Tour: Nina Van de Goor's Flat

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(Image: Kristin Hohenadel)

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