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Titling recipes is always the hardest part. How to vividly capture a cook's imagination, yet still accurately describe the dish? Are descriptive titles better than historical titles? (Spicy Chocolate Cake with Cinnamon and Chili Powder, versus Aunt Lucinda's Crazy Set-Your-Mouth-On-Fire Chocolate Cake. Which one is better, do you think?) These Mad Lips recipe cards from Whisk NYC and Giant Squid Press want to help you out with your recipe titling dilemmas.
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These tongue-in-cheek recipe cards are a play on those old-school Mad Libs games, where you fill in your own adjectives and nouns to make a funny story.

These help you out with your recipe titling with three funny formulas. Other than the title area, though, these cards are simple and plain, which we like. They have heavy ruled lines and no other constraints.

These are available exclusively at Whisk in Brooklyn, but if you don't live in New York City, you can contact them directly to see if you can have some shipped to you.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
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