Fruit-Wall: A Striking, Space-Saving Way to Store Your Fruit

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I've never been a fan of the fruit bowl. I love storing fruit out in the open as a friendly reminder to eat it, but I've been burned too many times by the secretly-bruised piece of fruit getting sticky and moldy at the bottom of the bowl. That's why Fruit-Wall is so appealing — it gives your fruit plenty of room without taking up any counter space and turns your produce into an ever-changing work of art.

Fruit-Wall is a Kickstarter project that has raised about two-thirds of the funds needed to mass-produce the hanging fruit shelves in various sizes and materials. The shelves hold up to 44 pounds of produce, but only require three to five screws to hang.

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Being a little meticulous (read: obsessive) about the farmers market fruit I buy, I like the creators' suggestion of arranging fruit by ripeness, so that your less fruit-aware family members can just grab a piece from the "ripe" side without having to think about it. (If no one in your house gets crabby when other people in the house eat the semi-ripe peach when there is a super-ripe peach that needs to be eaten today right there, you can disregard this idea.)

Beyond that, having a colorful, always-changing arrangement of fruit on the kitchen wall just seems like a great idea.

Learn more: Check out the Fruit-Wall website & Kickstarter page

(Images: Fruit-Wall)