The Cronut King's New Science Project: Frozen S'mores

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The creator of the now famous Cronut, Dominique Ansel of Dominique Ansel Bakery, released his latest creation on July 13th: the Frozen S'more. Like the Cronut, the Frozen S'more is also a hybrid dessert — half s'more, half ice cream. It is truly something to behold. 

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At the center of the s'more is vanilla ice cream based off of Turkish dondurma, an ice cream that is characterized by its chewy quality. The ice cream is wrapped in chocolate feulletine (cookie/wafer), which is then enveloped in marshmallow. One of these things will cost you $7. 

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After freezing the s'more, it is stabbed with an applewood-smoked willow branch which gives the s'more a smokey quality. The bakery staff torches the s'more to order. These things need to be consumed immediately before they melt.  

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The hot, crackly creme-brulee-like crust matched with the cold ice cream is perfection. Although a little too sweet for my taste, the texture was undeniably great. 

(Images: James Herron)

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