From Waffles to French Toast: 6 Classic Breakfast Recipes to Know by Heart

From Waffles to French Toast: 6 Classic Breakfast Recipes to Know by Heart

Dana Velden
Jan 16, 2017

Understanding the basics behind popular breakfast dishes means you'll have magic at your fingertips no matter the circumstance. To help you achieve this level of breakfast badassery, we gathered seven cooking lessons for our most popular breakfast dishes so you can study up and master the template. Then we listed dozens of variations so you can spin breakfast dreams from whatever is on hand. Once you get going, you might not even need a recipe!

1. Waffles

Oh, waffles! From the fancy overnight yeasted version to the toaster pop-up kind, we have a deep and abiding love for waffles. Maybe it's all those little nooks for capturing the butter and syrup or that crispy outside and tender inside texture. Or perhaps it's that you need a specific piece of equipment to make them. Whatever it is, waffles are super special.

The Basic Method

Delicious Variations on Waffles

2. French Toast

French toast is a breakfast dish that makes any morning a special occasion. Those crispy, browned edges; that creamy, custardy interior; all that maple syrup! It seems fancy, but French toast is an easy win if you follow a few guidelines.

The Basic Method

Delicious Variations on French Toast

3. Pancakes

Pancakes are a breakfast cook's best friend. They're easy to make, don't need any special equipment or planning, and they're always a hit. Mastering the perfect, lofty pancake is an achievable goal with our basic lessons and you can easily take it one step further with endless riffs and variations. Or perhaps concoct a signature pancake of your own?

The Basic Method

Delicious Variations on Pancakes

4. Dutch Baby Pancake

Dutch baby pancakes are the drama queens of the breakfast table. They emerge from the oven puffed high and pillowy and they manage to spend a few seconds in this glorious state, basking in the oohs and aahs of your hungry eaters. But then — poof! — they quickly collapse under the pressure into a flat, delicious, craggy mess. Which is just how we like them, ready to receive powdered sugar, syrup, fruit, or whatever strikes your fancy.

The Basic Method

Delicious Variations on Dutch Baby Pancakes

5. Breakfast Casserole

The breakfast casserole comes to us under many additional names (strata, bread pudding, baked French toast, panade, crustless quiche) — each a slight variation on the theme, but all containing eggs and milk as a binder. It's the perfect dish for brunch, as it can serve a crowd and, in most cases, be assembled the night before and then pulled out in the morning to bake off. Or take the increasingly popular route and make it in the slow cooker. Be it savory or sweet, with or without bread, meaty or vegetarian, the breakfast casserole is a terrific way to start the day.

The Basics Methods

Delicious Variations 0n Breakfast Casseroles (Sweet)

Delicious Variations on Breakfast Casseroles (Savory)

6. Cinnamon Rolls

You may call them cinnamon buns or sticky buns, or you may even leave out the cinnamon altogether, but no matter what you call them, these delicious swirls of dough filled (usually) with cinnamon and sugar will always delight. Cinnamon rolls are a special treat, and being able to whip them up out of thin air will never cease to impress. Let us show you how.

The Basic Method

Delicious Variations on Cinnamon Rolls

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