Elegant Lettuce-Wrapped Fish
Faith Durand
Apr 9, 2008
2008_04_09-Times.jpg Quiet day for cooks in the New York Times' Dining Section but there are a few good recipes lurking in its mainly restaurant-driven content this week. Quickly and Easily, a Touch of Elegance - Mark Bittman whips up lettuce-wrapped fish quickly and easily but with a touch of class. We like how the little bundles of fish and fresh lettuce are poached in white wine - these might be a very good weeknight dinner soon. More from the Times below, including fermented sugar cane juice and tofu for carnivores. Allure of Cachaça Spreads to U.S. From Brazil - Fermented and distilled sugar cane juice - it's not just for caipirinhas anymore. See how it's made, from jungle to bottle. Tofu Meets Its Match in a Dish Fit for Carnivores - Melissa tempts carnivores with tofu fried up with mushrooms and chorizo - the ultimate smoky sausage. One Pot - Today's simple dish is a Mediterranean Fish Stew. The Outlaw Glamour of a Long-Banned Fruit - Mangosteens are legal! Finally! And they're in New York, served up for $6 each at the grocery stores and juiced in smoothies. African Heat, Bottled in New Jersey - The tiny African birds-eye chili makes piri-piri sauce, a hot jolt of complex flavor. (Top image: Evan Sung for The New York Times)
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