From the Files: Roast Chicken!

From the Files: Roast Chicken!

Faith Durand
Sep 3, 2008
Roast chicken may be the most quintessential piece of home cooking that we know. That savory roasting smell, the ease of slipping a bird into the oven, the juicy meat and warm bread and vegetables that invariably go along with it - it's comfort food at its finest for those of us who are non-vegetarians. Have you ever roasted a chicken?

Here are some of our best tips, how-tos, and ideas on roasting chickens. Blow-dryers, brining, and bread salad below.

Roasting a Chicken
• Roasting a chicken for the first time? Check out this step-by-step with photos: How To: Roast a Chicken, Zuni-Style

• Here's a gorgeous example of a finished roast chicken with the classic bread salad from Zuni: Look! Roast Chicken and Zuni Bread Salad

• For those of you who like lemon with your chicken: Lemon Roasted Chicken: Lemon Inside or Out?

• Is a whole chicken too much? Try starting with just chicken breasts. This is a great recipe: Recipe: Roasted Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Fresh Garlic

• A whole book about roast chicken (and other stories)... Book Review: Roast Chicken and Other Stories

• Want crispier skin? Try blow-drying your chicken first. Really!

Prep, Cleanup, and Leftovers
• Use up your leftovers and chicken carcass by making chicken stock. Easy!

How To Brine Meat - Good for chickens too.

• Another use for leftovers: Dill and Yogurt Chicken Salad

Do you rinse your chicken? Get the scoop on the health factors here.

• And only for the hardcore urban agriculturist: Raising chickens in New York City

Have you roasted a chicken yet this month? It's still pretty hot out, but we are anticipating the arrival of roast chicken weather very, very soon...

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