Fresh Halloween Treat: A Colorful Vegetable Skeleton

Halloween is still a month away, but we're thinking ahead. It's the year's epicenter of candy, after all (and we have a thing for candy corn around here). But not all Halloween treats need to be sugar-laden — or dark and spooky, for that matter. One of my favorite cheery Halloween ideas is this one: colorful vegetables and all.

Laura at Feeding Frenzy created this colorful, healthy Halloween snack for her kids, and it's a nice change from the sugar madness of Halloween — while still being awfully cute and the tiniest bit spooky.

→ Read more: Veggie Skeleton at Feeding Frenzy

Is Halloween a holiday you gear up for in September? Or is it a little more casual for you?

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(Image: Laura of Feeding Frenzy)

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