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Discovering the fridge is empty right when hunger pangs hit is the downfall of many good plans for healthy meals. Knowing you have a few basic ingredients tucked away in the freezer for these moments helps curb the impulse to reach for the take-out menu. Eating Well shares their freezer essentials.

I found myself nodding along to many items on this list. Frozen pizza dough? Check! Frozen veggies for quick stir-fries and casseroles? Check! I like their recommendation to freeze chicken tenders, rather than whole chicken breasts or thighs, because the thinner tenders thaw more quickly and can be easily used for a small meal for one or big dish for many.

Some of my personal favorites are missing from this list, though. I love freezing packages of frozen tortellini for a quick pasta dish or hearty dinner salad. I also freeze individual portions of cooked grains for those times when I don't want to wait.

What essential ingredients do you keep in the freezer?

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