Form and Function: 10 Expandable Trivets

2009_03_11-Trivet.jpg2009_03_11-TrivetThumbs.jpgIt's amazing how many different designs and choices are available for ostensibly simple kitchen tools. Take the humble trivet, for instance. We could all slap a hunk of tile on our tables and be done with it, but instead we have a dizzying array of products to protect our dining surfaces from getting scorched.

One sub-section of trivets is the expandable sort: it can get bigger or smaller, depending on the dish you need it to hold. We're rather fascinated by the ever-growing selection of these things: here's a look at ten (ten!) different sorts.

What do you think about expandable trivets? I don't own one personally; two hot pads or trivets do the trick with larger dishes. But some of these are pretty classy (and pricey!). Are they worth it? Or are they just indulgences of modern design over function?

1 Walnut extendable trivet, $40 at Arango Design (via Mighty Haus)
2 Augh Expanding Pan-Stand by Alessi, $88 at Emmo Home
3 Myria Expandable Trivet, $210 at Puremodern
4 Flower expandable trivet, $50 at Unica Home
5 Expandable Fish Trivet, $88 at MoMA Store
6 Propeller Trivet, $22.50 at Arango Design
7 Lenox "Butler's Pantry" Expandable Trivet, $19.99 at Macy's
8 Tabletalk Trivet, $55 at MoMA Store
9 Bamboo Expandable Trivet, $14.99 at Hot Plates
10 Dario Trivet, $43 at Completely Stainless

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