For This Outdoor Dinner, the Menu Is Literally the Writing on the Wall!

When I was on a food tour in Israel last summer, I attended a Sabbath dinner hosted by three young architects/designers. These Friday night dinners with friends were weekly affairs for them, a nod to the tradition of their culture but more about celebrating food and friendship. The dinner was held in a stone-walled courtyard outside their apartment in Tel Aviv, and when we arrived, the first thing we saw was the menu for that night's dinner written in chalk on the courtyard wall!

This idea has stuck with me ever since. Providing a menu for a dinner is always a nice touch, but menu cards would have felt out of place at this lovely, languid, drink-and-talk-late-into-the-night summer dinner. But writing it on the wall felt exactly right: informal, charming, memorable — just like the evening.

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(Images: 1. Elyssa Frank; 2. Cambria Bold)