Think big city cooks are far removed from milking cows and gathering eggs? Not the ones who go to Farm Camp. Now you can be a camper, too!

Farm Camp at Flying Pigs Farm is an organization located about 200 miles outside of New York City designed to give food professionals the opportunity to experience farming first-hand. These two-day intensive sessions include milking cows, tasting maple syrup and slaughtering live chickens.

Too intense for you? More than just hands-on labor, these sessions also aim to educate consumers on information like the difference between organic and free range chicken, how grade A dark amber maple syrup tastes different than grade B dark amber maple syrup and the state of small farming today.

Interested in becoming a camper? For the first time they are opening up two sessions to the general food-loving public: September 26-27 and October 17-18.

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(Images: Caitlin Pigaga)