What Does Your Breakfast Cereal Say About Your Vote?

What Does Your Breakfast Cereal Say About Your Vote?

Faith Durand
Apr 16, 2008

Lots, according this article in the New York Times Dining section today on microtargeting, or the use of very precise bits of data to target voters. Turns out that a skillful pollster can figure out a lot about you by your eating preferences. According to the article, Dr Pepper is a Republican soda, while Pepsi and Sprite are Democratic. Democrats also prefer clear liquors like gin and vodka, while Republicans "skew toward brown liquors like bourbon or scotch, red wine and Fiji water."

And what about the crunchy granola stereotype for all those Democratic treehuggers? "'Anything organic or more Whole Foods-y skews more Democratic,' Mr. Dowd said." What do your food choices say about your vote? More from the Times Dining section below...

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(Image: Alex Brandon (Obama); Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images (Clinton); Danny La, via Getty Images (Mccain); Cereals by Lars Klove for The New York Times.)

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