Faux Caviar, Judean Date Palm, and MyFarm

Faux Caviar, Judean Date Palm, and MyFarm

Kathryn Hill
Jun 25, 2008

It's Hump Day, which means we're here with the food news of the week! This week's been a little quiet in food news, so this will be a quick read.

Is faux caviar the way of the future? Slashfood reports on this potential new eco-friendly gourmet item.

Does the Heart of the City Farmer's Market in San Francisco face gentrification?

Archaeobotanists unearthed the seeds of a palm tree that hasn't been seen by humans in 2,000 years, and ">managed to germinate a few seeds that produced plants. Amazing! Wonder how Judean dates taste?

Want a vegetable garden but don't have time to deal with the work? MyFarm, a gardening company in San Francisco, will come to your house, plant an organic vegetable garden, and maintain it for you.

An underage and non-documented migrant farm worker died of heat exhaustion because she wasn't allowed to take a long enough break to get water. Let's think about the people who pick our food and what we can do to help them.

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(Image: iGourmet)

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