Food Music - Cooking vs. Dinner

This is a topic we take seriously: what music to play while cooking, and what to play during dinner. They are two different stories.

Last year we put together a list for Apartment Therapy and Maxwell published it again today. That list considered cocktail music, dinner music, and dance music.

Here's the dinner list:

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Chris Connor: Sings Gershwin
Miles Davis: Kinda Blue
Dave Brubeck: Take Five
Bebel Gilberto: Tanto Tempo
John Coltrane: Ballads
Sufjan Stevens: Seven Swans
Chet Baker Sings
Spain: Blue Moods of Spain
Keith Jarrett: The Melody at Night, With You

But what about cooking? What do you like to listen to when you cook? What gets you in the mood? We'll publish the list next week, so write in before Monday.

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