Food Magazine Roundup: 01.11.07

Here's a look at two of the major food magazines' January issues.

Saveur showed up with their annual Special Issue: The Saveur 100. This was a dense, fascinating read, with a huge range of items on the list. Number 2, for instance, is "America's Most Stellar Chef" - Thomas Keller, who else? Mooncakes (and San Francisco's Eastern Bakery) show up in slot 25. Number 84 is "Dessert for Dinner." Tamarind candy, White Castle, Chinese celery greens, ovens, potato vinegar - they all make an appearance.

The recipes are intriguing and inspiring: Pav Bhaji, Armenian Tahini Bread, Poached Sole with Vermouth, Orange Bitters.

Final verdict plus Food & Wine after the jump.

Buy this one; it's chock full of good stuff and more than a few surprises. And when you're done reading, you can compare it with last year's list.

The January issue of Food & Wine follows suit with "100 tastes you must try in 2007" emblazoned across the cover. Their list is much shorter on substance than the one in Saveur, but they do hit some unique highlights like Bacon Baklava, Hot Hunan Shrimp, automat wine, and exotic ice creams.

The recipes here are more plentiful, however, with a greater range of practicality and purpose. Many of these are available online: Chestnut and Celery Root Soup with Chorizo and Scallops, Ginger Duck Salad with Green Tea Dressing, Corn Bread with Scallions, and Butterscotch Pudding are among the most attractive.

Buy? Well, perhaps. But if you have to choose, go with Saveur this month.

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