Food Gift We'd Love to Receive: Whipped Brandy Butter

When I saw this brandy butter in Australian Gourmet Traveller's roundup of homemade food gifts, my jaw dropped. Brandy butter? How have I never heard of such a thing before?

This recipe for brandy butter is totally fascinating to me. You take a quantity of softened butter, powdered sugar, spices, brandy, and an egg white, and beat them all until soft and fluffy. (Raw egg white? Don't see that much here in the States!)

They recommend putting this amazing concoction on Christmas pudding; we could picture it on a sweet potato pie, or a dark, rich fruitcake. Over the top, but sounds so right for the holidays.

Have you ever tried (or made) brandy butter?

• Get the recipe: Whipped brandy butter and see the rest of their slideshow of Christmas food gifts here at Australian Gourmet Traveller.

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(Image: William Meppem/Australian Gourmet Traveller)

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