Food Blog Roundup: 11.07.06

Cruising through the blogsphere, the theme of breakfast jumped out at me. Breakfast really is such a great meal, lending itself to endless inventiveness. From savory to sweet, to eggy, to pastry-based, to soup, to nuts (and granola), pretty much anything goes. If you’re in a rut, there are lots of great ideas out there.

Meathenge has gotten himself some wild boar bacon. Fry that up in a pan. Bakingsheet whips up some buttermilk pancakes. Tartelette was out of eggs and these impromptu pear filled pastries are the happy result. Slashfood references cream currant scones, originally posted on jamfaced and adapted from Epicurious phew. Anna of Morsels and Musings posted her own breakfast blogsphere rundown along with some of her own great ideas.