Food Blog Roundup: Mint Syrup and Summer Breakfasts

We have too many inspiring things to cook after this week's swing through the blogs - there are just too many delicious, glowing photos of summer produce put to good use. We don't know where to start!

Myriam at Once Upon a Tart makes a wonderful Peppermint Sirup with spices and lemon. We can think of many, many things we'd like to do with this, and rather lots of them start with gin and ice.

Want a decent breakfast without heating up the kitchen? Use your waffle maker for a MacGyver Waffle Sandwich like the one from The Breakfast Blogger. And if you have a sweet tooth, check out her Cinnamon Caramel Pecan Waffles.

Rose blogs from A 64 Sq Ft Kitchen in Michigan in both French and English. We think her Peach Parcels with Ricotta and Lavender Honey look delicious, as do her Red peppers, sage and goat cheese tartlets.

And our "Easy Supper" vote of the week goes to Johanna at The Passionate Cook - she is making Poached egg with sauce hollandaise on green asparagus & rye bread - looks easy and delicious!

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