Food Blog Roundup: 05.01.07

It's May! Can you believe it? Here's some spring food from around the blogosphere...

Shauna, the original Gluten-Free Girl, tests some recipes and celebrates spring vegetables and the arrival of her new book.

Kate over at The Accidental Hedonist has a scrumptious looking Onion Spinach Polenta with all the spring green and golden yellow we crave on our plate right now. In Pune, India, thecookscottage offers the latest in an illustrated glossary of Indian fish with an overview of white, silver and black pomfret and a recipe for Baked Masala Pomfret Packets. The Passionate Cook baked up a lovely batch of Pumpkin Seed and Sesame Bread, but what really caught our eye were these Oeufs Cocotte, eggs baked in a ramekin with ham and mushrooms. Also! For any of our European readers, she is hosting another round of the food swap Euro Blogging by Post.

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