Food Blog Roundup: 03.20.07

The blogosphere is getting ready for spring, it seems. There's still some winter warmth, but spring is just around the corner...

*kel at Green Olive Tree looks at fresh pineapple, then makes Pineapple Marmalade.

At the splendid weblog and all-things-Indian cooking resource Mahanandi there is a review of a new cookbook and a recipe for Sambar with Fresh Green Spices.

Kalyn at Kalyn's Kitchen makes delicious looking Baked Swedish Meatballs. She also does Heart-Healthy Shrimp Dip served with Veggie Dippers, looking fresh and cool. There's some recipes we'd seriously like to try out over at The Passionate Cook, including these Prosciutto & sage chicken skewers with red pepper aioli and a Spaghetti with Avocado and Cashew Pesto that's certainly green enough for spring.

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