What with all the running around, shopping, making homemade gifts and attending holiday parties, there’s not a lot of time for everyday kind of nourishment. Bloggers to the rescue. Here’s a sampling of survival dinner strategies for these last two weeks of December.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Over at Albion Cooks, we’ve got an easy, thrown together kind of tasty pizza with goat cheese sauce and vegetables.

Madeater’s larder is stocked with plenty of food. Here’s a shot of Raclette with pickled vegetables.

A nourishing soup with tofu and buckwheat noodles has both easy and healthy covered. Brought to us by Food and Paper.

Check out Cooking with Amy for an easy Brie & Bacon Fettuccini made with stuff you might just have laying around in your refrigerator.

These gorgeous parsnip and carrot latkes from Gluten Free by the Bay are maybe a little more labor intensive than the rest of the bunch, but I couldn’t resist, they look so good. Make them and add a salad and there’s dinner.