Food Blog: Chez ChristineTaking Us Through Le Cordon Bleu

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Once upon a time, we thought it would be a nifty idea to blog our way through French culinary school. We didn't move to Paris in order to do it, and we didn't do the full-on professional program, but we did blog all three months of our intense experience at the French Culinary Institute.

Finally, someone else is doing it, and they're doing it for real. Chez Christine is the work of one ex-San Franciscan who is now a student in Paris at Le Cordon Bleu. And she's blogging it.

We were overjoyed to discover that Christine learned the exact same thing that we did on her first day of school: paysanne, mirepoix, julienne and brunoise - or in other words, knife skills.

Tune in. You might just learn something.

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