Food and Meal Journal from Green Chair Press

When I asked if anyone keeps a food journal, it turned out that, yes, many of you do. Whether it's for health, recipe memory, or a record of dinner parties cooked and shared, keeping a meal journal is a great practice. I wish I would have seen these little food journals from Green Chair Press before I started my own!

I'm keeping a food journal online with my husband and sister, in a handy Google Spreadsheets document, but I love this cute little notebook too. I wonder if having a tangible (and did I mention cute?) piece of paper to write my meals down might have kept me on track even better. I am always forgetting to note down meals until two or three days after I've eaten them!

This book is only 3x5" and it could slip inside a desk drawer or purse. It has spots for a hundred days of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack, with a place to note exercise, too.

Buy it: Food and Exercise Diary or Tracker, $10 at Green Chair Press

How do you keep your food journal?

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(Images: Green Chair Press)

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