Flickr Find: Repurposed Atomic Egg Beater Clock

We were digging through our own kitchen junk drawers and found several sets of old hand mixer beaters. We'd been saving them to turn into a funky chandelier, but those plans will have to wait, because there is an Atomic Egg Beater clock in our future!

Kim Taylor over at The Sassy Crafter has the same curse as us. We hate to throw anything away that can be made into something new! We also hate paying full price for things we can make ourselves. So instead of picking up your stereotypical atomic era clock at a thrift store or auction, she went to work making one herself!

We think it's a fabulous way to reuse bits and pieces that would otherwise render themselves useless and has us looking at our junk drawer in a whole new light. What else could we make into a clock? Bottle Openers anyone?

Thanks for the inspiration Kim!

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(Image: Kim Taylor)

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