Flavors From The Herb Garden: Summer Savory

Flavors From The Herb Garden: Summer Savory

Joanna Miller
May 11, 2010
We're getting our summer herb garden ready, and one of our plants is an old-fashioned herb that's closely related to mint with a peppery thyme-like flavor. It's summer savory – have you tried it? Those are our summer savory seedlings in the windowsill. Still pretty tiny at this point.

Even if you have never grown or bought summer savory, you've probably tried it without even knowing. It's used in many dried herb mixtures for stuffing and meat dishes. On its own, it can be used fresh or dried and is traditionally paired with beans. In German, it's is known as Bohnenkraut, or "bean herb."

Summer savory is related to winter savory, which has a stronger flavor and is less preferred in cooking due to its bitterness.

Recipes for summer savory:

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(Images: The Cook's Garden, Joanna Miller)

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