Five Ways to Eat: Carrots

We often take carrots for granted. The omnipresence of "baby" carrots, whittled down to bite-size by machines, as well as carrots' year-round seasonality in grocery stores, often makes us look past them when brainstorming dinner. But carrots' sweet and earthy taste is a wonderful flavor to feature — here are five ways we love to eat them.

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Cute and sweet carrot flowers!
  1. Soup! - Carrots' sweet, earthy taste is perhaps best featured in soup. We love this spicy sweet potato and carrot soup (so much orange!) and this Indian spiced carrot soup with ginger.
  2. Pickled - Carrots' natural sweetness make them a great candidate for quick pickling. Here are some pickled carrots, and some recipe suggestions for Vietnamese carrot relish.
  3. In cake - Come on, we all love carrot cake! Have you seen this secret graffiti carrot cake recipe? How about this apple carrot oatmeal cake? Or carrot cakey cookies? Yum yum.
  4. In salads and slaws - Like pickled carrots, carrot salads use their natural sweetness to pair well with vinegar and other tart dressings. Here are some recipes we enjoy: grated carrot salad with lemon dressing, carrot and celeriac salad, and more carrot slaws.
  5. As a fun garnish! - Carrots are one of our favorite ways to garnish and dress up a plate of food. From carrot flowers, to carrot curls, to candied carrot garnishes, carrots are both colorful to look at, and delicious to eat.

What's your favorite way to eat carrots?

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