5 Beautiful, Tall Birthday Candle Displays

I love to bake, so I'm always happy when a birthday rolls around and I get to make a cake in celebration. And I find that after I've labored over the baking and icing, the most fun part is choosing fun birthday candles to compliment my creation. Here are five beautiful, tall birthday candle displays. Read on for styling and where to buy.

I love these DIY Striped Candles from A Subtle Revelry. It's such a simple way to add a little something special to tall, single-colored candles! You can purchase tall, assorted birthday candles here or from your local party supply store.

These 12-inch-tall Beeswax Birthday Candles from Avenue Boutique are made from 100% pure beeswax and are hand poured in Oregon. A package of ten is $12. I imagine them sitting elegantly atop a cream-colored cake or one covered in chocolate icing.

Hello, 15-inch-tall candles! These beauties from Everyday Occasions are available in eight different colors, including their best selling colors Navajo Cream and Seaside, pictured above. Twelve candles run $15, and they've been featured by Martha Stewart, Elle Decor, House Beautiful and Oprah.

This pop of red gets me every time! The monochromatic cake and its display are a beautiful background to these brilliant candles. Other colors that might work well here are orange, teal, or really any color that pops well against your d├ęcor. You can purchase monochromatic candles from your local party store or here from Crate & Barrel. I suggest trimming the candles at their bottoms in varying heights to recreate this beautiful, layered look.

Usually I associate metallic candles with the holiday season, but here they dress-up a simple, elegantly-proportioned cake with a touch flair. What's not to love? I don't think these candles are more than 5 or 6-inches-tall, but they sure do finish this cake display beautifully! You can purchase Silver Tapered Candles from Bake it Pretty or Gold Tapered Candles from Party City.

Happy cake decorating!

(Image credits: Everyday Occasions; A Subtle Revelry; Avenue Boutique; Dietlind Wold; The SoHo)