More Than Avocados? Valentines for Food-Lovers

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and we are often stumped by this candy-card holiday. Should Valentine-mandated expressions of fond affection be sincere? Tongue in cheek? Campy? Over the top? If you're going the over the top route, and you're a passionate food-lover, these cards are just what you need. Do you love your beloved more than fish tacos? How about the love fruit itself - avocado?

More food valentines below...

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• French fries and steamed rice. How does your love match up?

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• And OK, this is really a hard one - do you love your SO more than eggs and bacon? Truthfully now...

These cards are all from uccellocurioso's Etsy shop. Each card is $5. If you like any of these and they're out of stock, just message the shop owner.

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Valentine's Day

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